Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost 10 months old!

I am finally posting some updated Myli pictures for all of you! She is growing so fast, and changing every day. I can't believe she will be 10 months old in 1 week! Anyway, here is what she has been doing:

Nana and Papa came to visit, and Myli had lots of fun with them.

See Papa, I do love you!

Just chillin' in the carseat!

Dad let her dig in the dirt, and I think she liked it a little too much.

She even tried a bite or two....

She is soooo cute when she sleeps!

So cute in sunhats too!

Feeding herself like a big girl....

Myli's new swimsuit! Check out those legs!

Myli thinks Panther is the coolest kitty in the world. She even tries to copy his meows!

He is such a good cat....look at that handful of fur she has a hold of!

Apparently I waited too long for her to wear her Seahawks sweatshirt, as it is now a belly-sweatshirt! It is a 12 month size, and WAY to small!

See the hair coming in? There is even a little "fluff" at the top now!

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The "J' Eder Family said...

I love you miemie